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Digital News Production and Consultation Services



Students from the University of Arizona School of Journalism, led by Professor Michael McKisson, are on the cutting-edge of journalism storytelling using emerging tools such as drones, 360° video, product development techniques and more. We also offer training and consultation to newsrooms that want to certify drone pilots, better understand product development in journalism or begin working with immersive technology.  Hire the team to assist you on your next project.


The team has been working with drone videography for more than a year and has experience working in Mexico and along international borders. We hold an FAA  Part 107 sUAV certification and are insured by the State of Arizona. We follow all FAA rules and have a rigorous safety protocol.  Contact us to film drone videography for your next project.



360 Video

The UA School of Journalism was one of the first journalism programs in the country to work with immersive journalism. We have extensive experience creating engaging stories with various 360° video cameras and can provide the raw video files or produce the entire story depending on your needs.



Consultation and Teaching

We offer a range of training and consultation that can be designed to bring your newsroom up to speed on new journalism storytelling platforms. Contact us to schedule and design a workshop targeted to your newsroom or bring us in as consultants on your next project.



Product Development

Product development flips the old paradigm of build, launch and hope people use your news product. Instead, we use best practices from the startup world. Our team will work with your newsroom to target a community and identify and design the best product to serve them. Contact us to take the guesswork out of creating a new product.




Our team charges $50-75 per hour depending on the project scope. The fee pays the students and provides revenue to refresh equipment allowing the team to continue using the best available tools.Larger projects and trainings will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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For more information please contact Michael McKisson

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